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Plural form of family name
Plural form of family name

Plural form of family name

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Thus the name Williams in its plural form is Williamses.(For a thorough discussion on the Making a last name plural should never involve an apostrophe. .. The plural form of most nouns is created simply by adding the letter s. that if a family name ends with an s that sounds like an s, add an es to form the plural. Dec 23, 2010 - First let's figure out how to make family names plural. guidelines dictate that you use "Blackberry devices" to describe them in the plural form. . Only 3, 4, and 7 are correct. A question-and-answer article on how to make family names plural. Do not form a family name plural by using an apostrophe; that device is reserved for Happy holidays from the Williams family. Nov 28, 2012 - When a family name ends in s, x, ch, sh, or z, however, we form the plural by added -es, as in the Marches, the Joneses, the Maddoxes, the Nov 25, 2014 - “Did no one teach these people how to make their last names plural!?” I scream as I chuck the cards into the fire heretofore crackling peacefully However, the name Jones is made plural by adding "es." Why is Some other common names as plural Plural forms of last names don't have apostrophes.A curious finding about the plural form of some names9 posts16 Aug 2014Plural of the last name Andrews?7 posts16 Aug 2014Plural Surname?9 posts13 Aug 2014More results from www.englishforums.comPet peeves, apostrophes, and plural family names - 5, 2012 - To show possession of a whole family: First, add -es or -s to write the family's last name in plural form. Your spell check might disapprove of the correct forms, but spell check is wrong on this matter. Then, add an apostrophe at the end to Nov 15, 2014 - “Did no one teach these people how to make their last names plural! or the Marsh Household (acceptable alternatives to the plural form).
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